uPVC Doors

The elegant connection between inside and outside

The entrance to the home makes a lasting impact. At UrbanPro, we are constantly endeavoring toward our goal of becoming the best uPVC doors manufacturers. Our curated selection of uPVC doors is the perfect addition to your beautiful house. With a mix of durability, reliability, and quality, you will never have to worry about first impressions anymore. After all, creating the best impression is what we're good at.

Choose from our wide range of uPVC doors to match your requirements and add a dash of elegance to your exquisite homes.

uPVC Multi-Slide Door

uPVC Multi Slide Door

Multi Slide doors have multiple panels that are stacked together. These multiple panels allow the possibility of large opening spaces that perform in a smooth sliding manner. With UrbanPro, you receive high-quality uPVC Multi Sliding Doors that are thick, durable, and have gone through multiple instances of rigorous testing in our facility.

Glazing thickness up to 32 mm

Extension profiles for multi-track guide rail available

Co-extruded gaskets

Excellent structural values allow for large elements

Aluminium threshold with integrated drain function

Easy installation

uPVC Easy Slide Door

Our easy slide doors are created with your convenience and ease of operation as a priority. Befitting contemporary households, these uPVC easy slide doors are compact and are meant for attractive yet compact doors that are easy to maintain and are pleasing to the eye.

Delicate profile design

Exchangeable gaskets

Steel reinforcement can be integrated into both frame and sash to ensure excellent structural values

uPVC Easy-Slide Door
uPVC Mono-Slide Door

uPVC Mono Slide Door

Style meets substance in our mono slide doors. Sleek, cutting-edge sliding glass doors that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also extremely practical, durable, and frugal in terms of the space it occupies. Moreover, the usage of a standard 60mm frame system opens up compatibility for a plethora of accessories, adding more functionality to the doors. Add to that an integrated PVC interlock and you have in your hands UrbanPro’s perfected recipe for your home’s convenience and style.

Glazing thickness up to 18 mm

Unique sliding door with fixed and movable elements

Exchangeable gaskets

Wide range of accessories due to standardised 60 mm frame system

Integrated PVC interlock for perfect sealing

Fanlights and different door combinations are available

uPVC Lift and Slide Door

Modern minimal corporate spaces and large professional buildings like to adhere to a luxurious and expensive aesthetic. Transparency and space take precedence in these places. This is where lift and slide doors come in. These large doorways give you an unobstructed panoramic view and come with a smooth transition mechanism, allowing you to smoothly slide open the door when deemed necessary. UrbanPro’s uPVC lift and slide doors undergo testing under extreme conditions to ensure that you only receive the best.

85 mm

Construction depth

1,1 W/m²K

Best Ufvalue

0,63 W/m²K

Best Uwvalue

Up to RC2


Up to 44db

Sound insulation

uPVC Lift and slide Door
Save heating costs with ideal thermal insulation

With UrbanPro, you get three different design options, to ensure the product suits all your needs. They are:
Basic version : Meets all requirements pertaining to German energy regulations
Standard version : Comes with extra thermal insulation for your convenience
Premium version : Comes with all the bells and whistles at an extra price. Excellent thermal insulation.


Ufvalue = 1.6 W/m²K

Regular threshold uPVC Doors
Regular threshold


Ufvalue = 1.6 W/m²K

Thermally broken threshold uPVC Doors
Thermally broken threshold


Ufvalue = 1.6 W/m²K

uPVC Doors with GRP threshold
With GRP threshold